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Safety Special Interest Group


Safety SIG Activities

The group has been chaired by Eldon Sprague. Since Eldon has now retired, he has asked to step down from the chair position.

Rocky Dowell has agreed to take over as chair and Eldon will work with him to insure a smooth transition. A special thanks to Eldon for all he has contributed to the success of this SIG.

The Safety SIG continues staying busy planning Safety training we can offer over the next several months to member companies. The team meets each month at a SIG member company changing each month with our next meeting being at 
Aircraft Precision in Ithaca on December the 7th from 2 to 4. Each month we have a topic of discussion that becomes the focus of the meeting. Many times this is an opportunity for us all to learn something and gain knowledge about any topic related to Safety.

Supervisor’s Role in Safety & Health—December 14th
This program is designed for general industry first line supervision, safety and health committee members, and management personnel. Topics covered include employee safety and health training, accident investigation, hazard recognition, and self-inspection techniques. This program gives tips to supervision on methods to integrate health and safety into their daily duties and responsibilities.

Additional training over the next several months will cover :
-Creating a Positive Safety Culture
-Machine Guarding & Hazard Identification
These will be presented by Brian Kellogg our alliance partner.

Our plan is to survey member companies and define whether these training topics are of interest or if other topics would be more helpful.
I hope all of the member companies are talking getting involved in our Safety Award program. It’s always a good thing if you can get your workforce to rally around Safety. The CMMA Safety Award process is a great way for management to fire up the troops and to demonstrate their commitment to Safety.

The next meeting date will be December 7th, hosted by Aircraft Precision.

2016 Annual CMMA Safety Performance Awards


Central Michigan Manufacturers Association Recognizes Members for Commitment to Safety

May 12, 2016 – Clare, MI - The Central Michigan Manufacturers Association (CMMA) recognized three member companies with their second annual safety awards at their meeting held at the Clare Industrial Park. Open to all CMMA members, the program recognizes manufacturers that have a commitment to excellence in safety. 

“This year’s winning companies provide world-class safety environments that deliver each of their employees the highest commitment to safely returning home at the end of each work day,” said Jim Shoemaker, Jr., president of CMMA. “CMMA is proud to recognize these manufacturers for their outstanding achievements in the area of safety.”

Award winners were determined by CMMA’s Safety Special Interest Group (SIG). The Safety SIG is responsible for promoting safety awareness, providing training resources to area manufacturers, and for safety consultation. To be eligible to receive recognition, companies were required to share their injury information (300 Log) with the Safety SIG and be a CMMA member.

The awards were presented by Shoemaker, and CMMA Safety SIG Chair, Eldon Sprague. Companies receiving a 2015 Safety Award included:

  • Alma Container for Outstanding Overall Safety Commitment, No Lost Time Injuries, and Zero Recordable Injuries for the year of 2015. The award was accepted by Mike Legene.
  • American Mitsuba for No Lost Time Injuries and Most Improved Injury Rate over the past three years. The award was accepted by Rocky Dowell.
  • Aircraft Precision Products for No Lost Time Injuries. Accepting the award for Aircraft Precision were Scott Findley, Roger Toner, and Bill Henderson.
  • Alro Steel for No Lost Time Injuries.  Accepting the award for Alro was Dawn Thomas.
Jim Shoemaker, Harry Leaver, Rocky Dowell,                          Jim Shoemaker, Harry Leaver, Mike Legene,              Jim Shoemaker, Eldon Sprague, Scott Findley,
              Eldon Sprague                                                                                     Eldon Sprague                                Roger Toner, Harry Leaver, Bill Henderson
                                                                                         Jim Shoemaker, Dawn Thomas, Eldon Sprague

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