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CMMA Scholarship

2015 Scholarship Jason Matthews
                  2017 Scholarship Recipient Benjamin Cull                                           2017 Scholarship Recipient Alexander Wehner

Up to two (2) $2,500 scholarships awarded annually.

Scholarships will be issued in the form of a two-party check, made payable to the educational resource and the scholarship recipient.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

Applicant must be an employee (or direct family member of an employee) of a CMMA member company.

Applicant must have maintained a 2.5 GPA or better.

Applicant must be planning to become enrolled, or currently enrolled, in an advanced (post-high school) degree, including vocational programs, trade school, or licensed apprenticeship program.

Applicant must demonstrate how the program in which he or she intends to enroll relates to the CMMA mission of promoting manufacturing.


In selecting qualified applicants to receive scholarships, reviewers will give preference to the following which are listed in order of most important to least important:

The written portion of the applicant's scholarship application that describes the applicant's desire for a career in the fields of manufacturing, engineering or another manufacturing-related field.

The Applicant's essay, stating in their own words, their personal and educational plans, how they chose them, who or what influenced them, why this scholarship would be helpful in allowing them to achieve their career goals, and how the program he or she intends to enroll in relates to the CMMA mission of promoting manufacturing.



Download Application

Download CMMA 2018 Scholarship Application

Online Application

Name (First and Last):
Mailing Address
Email Address:
High School:
Graduation Date:
Name of CMMA Member Company:
Employee of CMMA Member Company?: Yes
Family member's name who is employed by CMMA Member Company and relationship:
Have you previously applied or received a CMMA scholarship Yes
Rank in Class:
Number of Students in Class
ACT or SAT Score:
Grade Point Average:
Please attach a copy of your most recent transcript:
Year in college during the coming academic year: Fr
College you are planning to attend:
Full Time Student: Yes
School Activities: Please list the extracurricular school activities you valued most during the last four years. Please include the position held and year of school it took place:
Work Experience: Please list your paid work experince in the last four years. Please including: Employer, Nature of Work, Dates and Hours worked per week:
Community Activities: Please list the extracurricular community activities you valued most in the last four years. Please include: Activity name, position held and year it took place:
Essay: Atatch a one-page eassay regarding your personal and educationa plans, how you chose them, who or what influenced you, why this scholarship would be helpful in allowing you to achieve your career goals and how the program you intend to enroll in relates to the CMMA mission of promoting manufacturing. Include any information about yourself that you feel would make you a stronger canidate:
References: Select two reference providers who can attest to your accomplishments and attributes as you've described them in your scholarship application and essay. Reference provies schold not be related to you, and they should agree to be contact about your candidacy for this scholarship:
Certification & Permission to Release Information: I acknowledge that the information in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I grant permission to my high school to supply the Scholarship Committee with a copy of my school transcript, which may include attendance and academic information, ect. Yes
Applicants Signature:

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